Saturday, June 29, 2013


Graduation season is here again! This year I started with an order for Sunflower cupcakes in a flower pot. The customer sent me a picture she had found online and asked me to recreate it.

The final display!

The most important part of this order was the flower pot. I had never done it before and had never seen it done, other than online. So there was a lot of guessing. I bought two different sized pots because I didn't know how many cups I could fit and I didn't want to go back out! I used 5oz plastic cup and a glue gun.I glued them in the middle outside of the cups so they'd be angled a bit. Once I had the outside cups glued, I did the cups in the center. The small pot only needed one, the larger needed 3. For those, I glued them on the outside bottom because the middle didn't touch any other cups. After they were all dried, I placed them inside the pots and glued three of the cups to the pot. I added a bow and TA-DAH!

The flower pots and cupcakes ready for delivery

To start with, I had to try many different styles to get the flower I wanted. Without the white swirl around the Oreo, the sunflower seemed too tall and awkward.The mini Oreos were too small for the sunflowers.

The failed trials.

The successful cupcakes started with the top of the cupcake sliced off to make a smooth flat surface. (Sorry I forgot to take a pictures!) I did a swirl of white icing around the edge of the cupcake, then put the Oreo in the center directly on the cupcake.

Using my tip # , I started putting pedals around the Oreo. I started at the bottom and went all the way around, then I did the next row started in between each prior pedal so they all showed and didn't just pile up. Once I got to the top of the Oreo, I did the pedals standing up so they'd "flop" over like pedals at the top of a flower do. I wiped my tip before each pedal so it had a clean edge.

A single finished Sunflower.

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  1. What size pot did you end up using? This is so cute, I love this idea.