Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quilts for CO and NM

Earlier this year, while browsing Instagram, I found the Boston Modern Quilt Guild was doing a collection of quilt blocks from all over the country so they could make quilts for the Boston Marathon bombing victims. I was so excited to find this and couldn't wait to get started, that was until I saw I had missed the deadline. So while I couldn't participate, I did enjoy seeing all the blocks and quilts as they were put together and finished. The quilts all looked amazing and I'm sure they went to some very appreciative people.

Fast forward to today, as I watch another news caster talk about the over 500 people still unaccounted for in Colorado & New Mexico and countless others homeless. I can't help but wonder how can I, one 24 year old from little RI, help these people and make a lasting impression in their lives.

So this is my goal, to bring warmth, love and kindness to those who may be feeling homeless, depressed, and worried about what their future brings.

This is as work in progress and I don't have all my plans in a row just yet, but I'm hoping you're willing to jump on board with me and make an impact to these devastated people. I'm in the process of contacting local guilds to help me carry out this project. Once things have settled a bit, I plan on contacting authorities in CO and NM so I'm able to get these quilts in the right hands.

My plan, so far, goes as follows:
1. Quilt colors will be red, yellow, blue and white. These are the colors of the CO and NM state flags. Fabrics may be solid or print, as long as they are these colors.
2. I'd appreciate help from all skill levels. I'm a beginner sewer, so I encourage even the least experienced to give it a try! I found the Scrapp Trip Along to be a very simple, yet fun block to do.
3. Blocks should be 12 1/2" tall by whatever length you'd like. This means they may be 12 1/2" by 6" or 12 1/2" by 16" (The Scrappy Trip Along above becomes 12 1/2" by 12 1/2") Anything is welcome.
4. Please use quality quilting fabric and thread.

Please mail blocks by November 1st. I'd like to have some quilts done before Thanksgiving because I have volunteered to help and I'm hoping to go Thanksgiving weekend!

I will post a mailing address in the coming days.

Please comment or email ( with any questions or suggestions you may have.