Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sarah's Graduation

She did it!
My baby sister has graduated high school!
And who better to bake her 
congratulation cake than me?!

After making her high school varsity softball team,
and being fought for on the junior varsity team,
I figured a jersey cake was the best way to congratulate her.

I based the jersey on her team jersey as best as I could.

Writing on cakes is one of my hardest things,
and with the complex lettering on the jersey,
knew it wouldn't be perfect.

But I think I got the point across!

I personally loved the softball!
I think it came out looking so realistic!

The cupcakes are a whole 'nother story!
I special ordered the wrappers and picks 
from Oriental Trading.

I decide to split my frosting bag with the two colors.
I've never tried it before, but it worked well and was so easy!

You can be sure I'll be doing two colors much more often!
These look amazing, I got so many compliments!

And here's my beautiful sister so happy about her cake!
I had to leave for the cutting of it because
that just breaks my heart!

Congratulations Sarah!
We are so proud of you!

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