Saturday, June 9, 2012

Carnival Cake & Cupcakes

I got an awesome request for a 
Carnival cake and matching cupcakes.
I had complete creative freedom, 
so I spent some time looking things up online,
and came up with this final design!

A circus tent cake with its own Rice Krispie's Ferris wheel!

The general assembly was pretty easy until...

I had to put up the Ferris wheel!
My original plan was to make the Rice Krispie treat as normal,
Then I wedged a wooden dowel into it
and stuck that into the cake.
That was fine and dandy until the wooden dowel
made the entire Ferris wheel split in half!

Thanks to Dave's quick thinking, 
we made a whole new Ferris wheel.
This time we made two separate treats and stuck them
together with a dowel in the middle.
Worked out SO much better! 

With the Ferris wheel still cooling, 
we couldn't add it until we got to the party.

Can't forget the cupcakes!

Along with the Carnival cake,
we made Cotton Candy and Popcorn cupcakes!

The Cotton Candy had buttercream frosting with
a topping of REAL cotton candy!

The Popcorn was topped with buttercream frosting and 
we hand made popcorn by cutting mini marshmallows
and sprinkling some yellow food coloring. 

I got the printable cupcake wrappers from...

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