Thursday, December 6, 2012

Butterfly Cake

Here's the ending result of my upcoming surprise!

I started with this Butterfly pan and outlining the major designs on it with a #3 solid circle tip.

Next, I filled in the torso of the butterfly with the #16 star tip.

I forgot that I had wanted one of the designs to be solid frosting, so I had to wipe off the outlining and frost with the blue icing. I also did the yellow with a #5 star tip.

I had to re outline the blue now that I had wiped it.

I did the green area with the same #3 solid circle tip by just doing dots in a line. 

Lastly, I finished the cake off in pink with the #16 tip. 

Hope you like my Butterfly cake, I sure was proud of it! :)
Stay tuned for my good news coming in the next month or so!

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