Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pooh Bear Cake

I made this Pooh Bear Cake for C's first birthday.
(The little boy I take care of!) 
This was the first character cake I had ever made 
and I'm so happy with how it came out.

After baking a basic yellow cake in the Pooh Bear cake pan, I used chocolate frosting to outline the character and details.

Next, I added "Golden Yellow" icing color to half of my white icing and filled in Pooh.

 I split the rest of the white icing and added "No-Taste Red" to one half and "Royal Blue" to the other. I covered the shirt and #1 before deciding that the sides should be covered with the matching colors, instead of white as the directions had suggested.

This is the finished cake ready to have it's candle blown out!
Everyone at the party loved it!


  1. Where did you purchase that cake pan?

  2. I didn't purchase this, I rented it. If you're in RI, there's a called Cameo Cake Decorating in Cranston, RI that rents out cake pans. She has almost every cake pan, new, old and retired.

  3. Oh boo :( I am in Arizona and wanted this for my sons 1st birthday.It's a great cake!!! Thank you for responding!